Enjoying an Italian Dinner in Genoa, 2016

Enjoying an Italian Dinner in Genoa, 2016

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Last Post - Military Museum and Random Pictures

Hello, we're back in the states after a 12 hour trip from Paris, to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Minneapolis.  Not bad as flights go, but I'm not anxious to repeat it anytime soon. I know that the food on Air France is better than Delta.   The good news is that we are home.  It was a great trip.  We learned so much, saw so much, ate so much, drank probably too much, and got along as good as 4 siblings, in-laws, spouses can.  (actually it was GREAT).

The last day in Paris found Dave and Jerry at the Military Museum, which has a great collection of just about anything that people can shoot at each other from the beginning of time to WWII.  Jerry wanted me to post his pictures without commentary so he can explain when he shows it to someone or a class that actually gives a rip about what it is.  So with that said, here they are.

After we put back up around 1:30 we all took off to find bus # 92 to go over to the Arc du Triomphe area so Dave could climb the top and Dee and I could shop.  Had lunch at George V right on the Champs Elysee.

Dave had warm goat cheese and egg salad
Dee and I had Rigatoni with Gorganzola sauce

Jerry's yummy vegetarian salad
Now, Dave wanted to climb up to the top of the Arc (278 steps -- No Thanks!) and we needed some retail therapy.

We waited at the base for Dave to do his thing.

Our last night we did a restaurant that was right on the corner from our apartment.  It was great and we had a really fun waiter named Lauren(?) that made the experience even better.

Avacodo and shrimp Entree

Dave & Jerry Foie Gras

Jean (with a goofy smile) Duck Breast

Dee and Jerry Grilled Dorado

Dave Lamb

Chocolate Bomb

Homeward bound!

And that it for now !!! Thanks for following along.