Enjoying an Italian Dinner in Genoa, 2016

Enjoying an Italian Dinner in Genoa, 2016

Friday, April 7, 2017

Last 5 days in Paris! What a way to end a vacation.

Hello from the city of lights.  Paris, France has been Jerry and my favorite place on earth since we came here the first time in 2005.  There is something energizing about the city.  Energizing, filled with beauty, and truly special.

Besides the iconic landmarks, there is art and beauty everywhere.  The city does a wonderful job with flowers everywhere, the streets are cleaned daily, the cafes are cleaned right away, statues are everywhere, its just nice (especially for a big city).  And, I know you have heard differently, but the people are SO nice!

So we arrived from Annecy yesterday and immediately came to our new apartment by taxi.  It is a 2 BR 1 bath (that's fun with 4 adults), but otherwise spacious and in a nice neighborhood.   Right down from the Invalides on the West Bank. (A first for Jerry and I).  First pics of the apartment.
Invalides- Which houses the Military Museum and Napoleon's tomb

Our bedroom

Living room

Dining room

It's spacious for Paris.  About 3 times as big as Donald's apartment.  We set out for the Eiffel Tower, just a few blocks away.
Found it!  Dee and Dave took off to climb the tower and we.... 
...had a glass of wine with fries!

We didn't know when they would get back, so made plans to just wing dinner.  Jerry and I went out alone to a little neighborhood bistro and they came back later.

Friday morning we decided to get on a "Hop on- Hop Off" bus that goes to the various monuments on a continuous loop.  We've seen the buses but never done them.  It was great!  We sat on the top and rode around town in the sunshine!  

This is a gas station.  No big corner lots here.  Just pumps on the sidewalk.

Lady Diana memorial by the tunnel where she was killed.

typical corner bistro

Boules game in progress

Of course, the arc

Itty bitty smart car
Traffic on the Champs Elysse
Louis Vuiton
Five guys right on the Champs!

Flowers everywhere!

traffic, traffic, traffic

The oblisk.  This is where Marie Antionette got the axe.


2 old farts with Notre Dame in the background.
We all got off at Notre Dame and toured.  It is gorgeous!

Sending prayers for Patty.

After Notre Dame, we had a little lunch, then on to St. Chappelle church.  Amazing stained glass windows.

We parted ways.  Dave and Dee went to the Louvre, we "hopped on the bus" again and rode the rest of the way around the loop.  

The Reeds are off to Versailles tomorrow, Jerry and I are going over to the Arc neighborhood and hang out.  Beautiful weather here, 70s and sunny.  Au Revoir!