Enjoying an Italian Dinner in Genoa, 2016

Enjoying an Italian Dinner in Genoa, 2016

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Saturday/Sunday with Laurence at Pont du Gard

Saturday was a rainy, cold, miserable day.  Dee and I went to the market in the morning but it was packed because there was a wine tasting there along with free food.  French people are just like Americans when it comes to FREE!
All kinds of Oysters

So we came back then went out again to shop and find some lunch.  We ate but came home because of the rain.  It's no fun window shopping when its raining.  Oh but I did take a picture of the street of Jerry's infamous accident.
Right up on the left where the road bends by the green window grates.

About 7:30 we went to a great restaurant called Fou de fafa (yup, that is spelled right).  It is owned and operated by a british couple and is the #1 rated restaurant in Avignon (out of 300).  We had been here last year, and tried to get in the year before.  It did not disappoint.
The street is all torn up, but it didn't stop people from coming.

We started with an "amuse bouche" of anchovie paste and garlic.  Yum.
Not a very big place.

Amuse bouche

Then first courses:  This is another quiz for Gail and whoever wants to play.
#1 Calimari

#2 Goat cheese in phylo pouch

#3 Pork terrine (cold meatloaf)
Second Course:
#4 - Duck Confit wrapped in Eggplant slices

#5 Sea Bream

#6 Flourless chocolate cake

#7 Best dessert award - Cookie, Carmel sauce, bananas, whipped cream

#8 -Panna Cotte with rhubarb

#9 - Vanilla and Passion fruit sorbet

Part of the charm of this little restaurant is the owner/chef who are a 2 man show.  She is in the front of the house and he in the back cooking.  Antonia and Russell Coughlan.  Darling people and very welcoming.  Thank you again!
Antonia and Russell

This morning we met Laurence at the train station and went to the Pont du Gard (Roman Aqueduct) which is about 20 miles from Avignon.  Another rainy morning, but we were prepared.  Dee's back was killing her, so she decided to stay at the apartment rather than ride in a little car all day.

Pont du Gard is the remains of a Roman Aqueduct that was constructed in the 1st century AD.  It is amazing!  And huge! 

Roman Graphiti

After the hike across the bridge and to the museum and back we needed lunch so ate at the park's little restaurant.  Surprisingly very good. 

 Then on to Tavel and Lirac to see the vines and taste some wine.
Miles and miles of Wine vines

Hard to believe this kind of soil can produce such beautiful wine. 

At the wine coop, members can fill up their own containers of
the 7 kinds of wine they produce.

Fill it up!

We need this sized wine box.  Those little 3L boxes just ain't doin' it.

Back to the apartment now eating baguette and olive tapanade along with goat cheese.  I know.  Its a dirty job....Au Revoir!