Enjoying an Italian Dinner in Genoa, 2016

Enjoying an Italian Dinner in Genoa, 2016

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday in Paradise!

Jerry says, "HI" from the Palace of the Pope!
Bonjour from sunny Avignon in Provence.  We are living the life now.  75 degrees, crystal blue sky, light winds.  Heaven.  

A few photos left over from Arles, which is only 30 km from here.
St. Trophime church.  Lovely.

Sis and brother, 2 peas in a pod!

We arrived yesterday in Avignon at 2:15 and took a taxi to our new digs in the heart of old Avignon.  The apartment is a 2BR 2BA with lots of space to spread out.  And we need that after being in hotel rooms for so long.  We also have a washing machine, so we all get a change of clothes!!!  Trust me, that is a good thing!

After we got a couple of loads started in the machine, we headed out for a "snack" and wine.  Went down to the main square.  Dave and Dee split Moules and frites (Mussels and fries), Jerry had l'soup d'onignon, and I had a margaretta pizza with exactly 3 olives on top.  

Please notice David Reed's sweater tied around like a French Man.

Our silly waiter

Tables waiting for the happy hour crowd!

We wandered around the town a little, then ice cream, then back. 
For Bobbi

Avignon is famous because it housed the Roman Catholic Church for a century when Rome was in chaos, and there was a French Pope.  It stayed here for 7 popes worth then reverted back to Rome. These buildings (and the whole town for that matter) were built for the new Vatican in 1309 to 1377.  We love it because of the great weather, laid back atmosphere, market, and great restaurants all within walking distance.  And the town is relatively flat.

Pope's Palace

Our almost worn out shoes on cobblestone streets.

Michellen Restaurant that David says hes NOT spending 125E for a meal (each)

Easter is coming here too.

Just  a few flavors of ice cream

 Hung up the clothes on our travel clotheslines.  Nap time.  We simply must get on a better schedule because I was ready for a bath when I got up and crapped out for the night.  Jerry needed food, Dave can always eat and Dee went along.  I sat and watched the National Boules Tournament finals on TV with no English.  It was an experience.  But I googled the rules and sort of followed along.

Here are some pictures of our cute apartment.
Living room.  2 french doors.  No screens because, no bugs!

olympic sized bathtub

big glass shower in the other bathroom

And I am sitting right here in the kitchen with the French doors open visiting with you.

my view

Dave, Dee, and Jerry taking off for a walk about. Across the street Les Halles
We are directly across the street from the great Les Halles indoor market here in Avignon.  Such a convenience.  We went over and captured some lunch this morning, but really it was a scouting mission for Dee Ann.
These are ducks.  You can tell by their faces.  The French would never buy fowl without the head and feet on it.  They want to know
what they are eating.

These are the famous Breese chickens.  They have blue feet.

Pintarde - Sort of a skinny chicken with great flavor


Just one of the many spice vendors.  The front bins are mixtures of herbs and salts.
We chose only cooked things, stuffed chicken thighs, Dauphonise potatoes, Rattatouie, Strawberries, Baguette.

It is very hard not to bring everything home because it is all so beautifully presented and fresh.  But tomorrow is another day.  If we can eat one meal a day in the apartment we can save $$$ and eat very well.

Tonight we meet Jerry and my good friend Laurence Brun for dinner.  Can't wait.  More tomorrow!