Enjoying an Italian Dinner in Genoa, 2016

Enjoying an Italian Dinner in Genoa, 2016

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday, A La Touraine (Tuesday in Tours)

Our new philosophy of life has kicked in.  Jet lag sucks, but we are getting there.  I slept yesterday from 1:30 until 4:00, went out for a snack and wine, then blogged, then went out to eat on the corner. then back to bed at 8:00 to 3:30 AM, then we were UP for an hour and a half, then slept until 9:30 then showered and dressed.  Jerry crashed again for an hour, then we went walking.  Today is raining, but just a little.  Jerry bought an umbrella, so that should stop the rain for the rest of the 3 weeks.  Isn't that the way?

David and Dee Ann went on a "Chateau" tour and left at 8:00 AM for the day.  We had done it 2 years ago so we decided not to go.  They will really be dragging tonight, but I am sure will have lots of sites to talk about.  And share with you.

Found a restaurant that trip advisor said, "Great Food, No English", but we had had a similar experience 2 years ago in Bordeaux and it was great, so we gave it a try.  Le Pampre Fou.  

Paying the bill at the bar

Jerry had the Salad Nordique with roasted beets and Gravlax Salmon

I had a steak with roasted potatoes and cheese sauce.
A "pichet" of wine (50 cl) and of course:  DESSERT!  Cafe Gourmand to share!

Front to back:  Chocolate Mousse, Creme Anglais, Baba Rhum, and Creme Brulle with Esspresso

A quick walk back to the hotel to rest (again) before the Reeds return.  More later!

Well, the Reeds are back, and while they nap and bathe before we go out to dinner, I thought I would post some of the myriad of pictures they took.  They went to 4 Chateaux, on a mini bus tour with a few other people.  They went to: Amboise, Chenonceau, Cheverny, and Chambord.  Each were country houses of the top 1%, even the king!  These pictures are in no particular order, because Dee is asleep and I am here on my own but you get the idea of why the French had a revolution.

I will try to come back when Dee or Dave is with me to add captions to these photos.  Time to get my fancy jewelry on and go out to eat.  Looking at a seafood place tonight!  Yum!  See you tomorrow!